Meteorite is a pioneer in blockchain algorithmic trading. It combines traditional CeFi and innovative DeFi mechanisms, and uses GameFi, NFT and token ecology to match blockchain quants and users, and conducts decentralized governance in the form of DAO .


Meteorite takes advantage of the inability to tamper with DeFi data, the openness and transparency of all transactions, and the automatic execution of contracts to turn the platform pass MTE into a unified collateral.

Meteorite's mission includes acting as an intermediary, where users put Tokens in their decentralized wallets and call smart contracts for mortgages. When the profit settlement is overdue, Meteorite DAO will call the smart contract to transfer the Token as part of the reward to the address of quant.



Strategy users can cast Battle Team NFT by destroying a certain MTE. Users use NFT, join the team and participate in strategic battles, and divide the strategic battle prize pool.

Quant can staking Honor NFT into the smart contract to reduce or exempt the platform management fee of the strategy and obtain additional revenue.

Rare Data NFT is designed for the Meteorite Data Service System. In the system, individuals and organizations use NFT to obtain various data on and off the chain in the standardized form of charts and APIs.



Meteorite introduced the concept of DAO. MTE is a governance token,and the address of pledged MTE is a member of Meteorite DAO. Members of Meteorite DAO can use MTE to participate in governance. At present, the primary governance contents are:

Dominating Governance Treasury.
Managing the strategic listing and delisting of Meteorite's strategic market.
Setting the default list and order of the Meteorite strategy market.
Adjusting the Meteorite platform management fee.
Adjusting the NFT equity parameters.
Adjusting the amount of MTE that needs to be destroyed for creating NFT.



Data Service Systemprovides data integration and analysis for raw chain data. The system integrates the market data, network data,networkindicator, inter-entity flows and fund data on the ETH,BSC,MATIC,SOL,HECO,OEC and store them in a structured database. Furthermore, the system opens API for users to search using different parameters.

SQL query example of Data Service System API:
SELECT SUM(token_amount) AS eth_bought FROM dex.trades WHERE block_time > now() - interval '1hours' AND token_symbol='ETH';



Meteorite uses the Meteorite-API aggregator to ensure the security of the policy users’ APIKey. Meteorite does not provide the originalexchangeAPIKey to an external party but provides the encapsulated and aggregated APIKey. The aggregator reviews, filters,and forwards all received requests.If the aggregator determines the currencyor other parameters of the transaction as not within the scope ofthe policy agreement, it will refuse to forward, there by preventing malicious use of APIKey to create matched orders on small currencies.



Meteorite One Trading Strategy-EOS

All quantitative strategies have been in operation for more than 18 months, and the APY of most strategies exceeds 120%.





Meteorite Labs, an established blockchain development and quantification team, was established in Singapore in 2018. Meteorite Labs believes that blockchain is the future direction of the financial market and the combination of CeFi and DeFi is the general trend.

Therefore, Meteorite intends to build Meteorite into a platform for blockchain investors to obtain profits safely and stably. It will also become a platform that allows quants to discuss and share while ensuring their privacy is upheld freely. Meteorite is not only an open and transparent platform with GameFi play ability feature that thoroughly combine DeFi, NFT and quantification to provide integrated data services on and off the chain in the form of DAO. It also offers sufficient capital flow opportunities for analysts and enhances users' brand value.


2021 Q1-Q2

Develop Meteorite Algorithm Matching Platform
Develop Meteorite API Agregator

2021 Q3

Publish Litepaper V1
Meteorite Token(MTE) issue

2021 Q4

Algorithm Matching Platform Launch
MTE open liquidity mining

2022 Q1

Start Meteorite DAO
Create Meteorite NFT
Meteorite Data Service System V1 Launch
GameFi - Strategy Battle DApp Launch

2022 Q2

Meteorite Data Service System V2 Launch


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